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Saturday, September 15, 2012

0 Lirik Lagu HATE IT OR LOVE IT - The Game feat. 50 Cent

Hate It Or Love It Lyrics - The Game feat. 50 Cent

[50 Cent]

Let's take'em back
Uh huh

Coming up I was confused
My mama kissing a girl
Confusion occurs
Coming up in a cold world
Daddy aint around
Probably out committing felonies
My favorite rapper used to sing
Check, check out my melody
I wanna live good so shit I sell dope
For a four-finger rings
One of them gold ropes
Nana told me if I passed I get a sheep skin coat
If I could move a few packs
I get the hat
Now that'll be dope
Tossed and turn in my sleep that night
Woke up the next morning
Niggaz done stole my bike
Different day, same shit
Ain't nothing good in the hood
I run away from this bitch
And never come back if I could




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